Web browser support

To access our online services we recommend using the latest version of your preferred browser; we only support the latest version of popular web browsers, for security, accessibility and compatibility reasons.

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Devices and platforms we support

Our website is designed to take advantage of modern web technologies, to work on a variety of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac), and with many popular devices, including:

  • desktop computers
  • tablets
  • mobile telephones

As technology is always changing, we recommend you keep your operating system up to date, to benefit from current functionality, and get the latest protection from cyber security threats.

Browsers we support

Web browsers are constantly improving; newer software versions make your online experience faster and smoother, increase compatibility with new technology, and give you more features and options.

We test new online services using the latest browser versions, and aim for our features and functionality to 'degrade gracefully' in older versions; we cannot use resources testing and fixing bugs which relate to 'non-supported' browsers.

Supported browsers

Platform Browsers supported (latest version)
Windows Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
MacOS Safari
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
iOS Safari
Google Chrome
Android Google Chrome

We recommend you keep your web browser up to date, to benefit from the modern functionality, and get the latest protection from online fraud, scams, viruses, phishing, hacking, and other online threats.

Using older browsers and technologies

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee you'll have full access to all of our online services using older software.

Although we're unable to support and fix issues and bugs relating to legacy technology and browsers, most of our website's main functionality should continue to work.

Get help with web browsers from GOV.UK.

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